Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New bike is ready to ride... and so am I

I have been a horrible blogger so far this year. I have lots of great ideas for posts, but there are only so many hours in a day and I can't seem to find the time to write. Between training, work and my family, I have about zero seconds of free time each day. Even as I sit here and write, I have a million other things I really should be doing, but I need to write a bit now.

We are exactly 4 months until my race. 4 MONTHS! When I started training in December, June 10 seemed a million years away. In the last two weeks, Coach Joanna has upped the intensity of my workouts. I believe we are still in the base building stage of our training, so my weekly mileage is still relatively low, but with higher intensity workouts, my body is tired like it's much higher. Add the fact that every single person in my house is sick and I can actually feel my body fighting to stay healthy, I'm whooped.

Here's a little update. A few months ago, I mentioned that my husband was building me a new bike. As of this past Sunday, it's ready to ride and it's gorgeous. I absolutely love it and I cannot wait to ride it.

Unfortunately, it's sitting in the basement mocking me each and every day that I sit on my old bike attached to the trainer. I'm waiting to take the new bike outside to ride it for the first time. So help me out and do a little praying for some warmer, weather in the very near future so I can get riding! 


  1. Can't Wait to see u in action..... Of course from behind b/c I won't be able to keep up. Tam

  2. You go girl! I'm just trying to find the energy to go for a walk, let alone biking.

  3. I hope it gets nicer out so u can ride your new baby soon!

  4. Thanks guys! Today is another rainy day, but Saturday looks like 50 and sunny, hopefully I'll be able to get out!