Monday, December 5, 2011

At the track: Let the training begin

Before last year, I never ran. I always thought I couldn't run. I learned differently while training for my first triathlon in 2010. I actually can run, albeit, slowly. No matter how hard I try, I'm stuck at a snails pace. On really good days, I can hold a 9:30 minute mile for a mile or two. Maybe. In short, running is not my strong point. Joanna plans to change that. 
I recently met Joanna at the Radnor High School track for our first workout together. It was cold and windy. Very windy. Each loop around the track I ran ended with a gust of wind blowing directly at me, which meant I had a nice tailwind on the other side of the track, but you can't see that.
I haven't run on a track since I was in high school when I needed to run a mile for gym class ... almost 18 years ago, so to say I was a little nervous is an understatement. On top of it, the workout is on film, so I felt a bit of pressure. But also felt excited to start because I really want to be a faster and more efficient runner. According to Joanna, these track workouts are going to help make me a stronger and faster runner, both needed to improve my race time.
For anyone who is unfamiliar with a track, it is 400 meters. So when Joanna says, "Run an 800," she's telling me to run around the track twice.
Here we go ...


Our next video will be a bike workout, so please stay tuned. Also, don't forget, if you have any questions for me or the coach, comment and we will try to answer them in a video or a blog post sometime soon. 


  1. Pshaw! You can run fast! You will see your times drop with those track workouts I bet.

  2. Great video! Garrett liked it too. He said good job, don't forget to breathe and keep training. Tammy