Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Waking up is hard to do

Some days you wake up ready to take on the world. Other days you wake up feeling like you'd rather pull the blankets over your head and go back to sleep. I've been struggling with the latter all week.
When my alarm rang this morning, I got up, turned it off and went back to bed. I had a workout scheduled, I was supposed to take my heart rate run test for Joanna at the track. But it was raining. And I stayed up too late the night before. I was tired.
Excuses. That's it.
In fact, I know that if I had gotten my butt out of bed, dressed and went to the track to run, even though it was raining, I would've felt better for it. I'd probably not be dragging all day like I have been because the workout would've increased my endorphins and given me a much-needed boost of energy.
Which would be welcomed right about now.

The day is not over, I have a long swim to do tonight after I help put the kids to bed, but I still have that nagging feeling about that missed workout and when I will be able to fit it in on another day.
This being the first time I'm training with any kind of real structure, I'm curious, how do you deal with a missed workout or a lack of motivation because of other obligations like family, work or just sleep?


  1. Wow, I just left a really long comment and it disappeared.
    *If you're going to miss a session, now is the time. The closer you get to race day, the more important each one becomes.
    *Get used to it, it happens and you'll need to accept it. Sometimes it may even be a good thing. Listen to your body.
    *Listen to this podcast from endurance nation:

  2. as your coach, no big deal. but at some point this week, that test should be done. so you may just have to do it instead of your other scheduled run or over weekend....the world won't end. and if i have to put it in for next week, that is okay, too. just let me know at the end of the week so i can write next week's plan :)